Jan 04


by Daphna Hernandez, Life coaching Master


Body-Mind-Spirit are interdependent. A sick body saddens the spirit. A disturbed mind could sicken the body. And a strong spirit can practically revive the dead!


Have you ever labored to maintain your health, just to find yourself getting better then worse – going up and down despite costly and time-consuming regiments? Have you been puzzles by the fact that the very same treatments that once worked, no longer did?


Health professionals site “stress” as the culprit. But what is the source of that “stress” which is powerful enough to affect your physical health? More importantly, is there a way to keep it under control?


Going up and down – physically or emotionally – indicates the presence of someone who does not have one’s best interest at heart. Such person can be hard to detect and there may be more than one such person in one’s life. If you are sick, “he/she” is there!


For instance, have you ever had someone advise you – because they “cared about you” – to be “realistic” about life? To not have high expectations, not set your goals too high so you may not get hurt or disappointed? It was all “for your own good.” Yet after talking to them you felt deflated, unmotivated, resigned to your situation?


Those are some of the people who are causing you stress. I mention them here because this type is the hardest to detect. Your enemies are easy, but your “friends…”


There is a lot of scientific information on this subject. For now, I advise you to observe the outcome of your associations and you will see from whence comes stress.



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