Nov 15

The Nervous System – Basic Communication Within the Body

The body has a number of communication systems including the blood, lymph and nervous systems. These three systems help the body to distribute nutrients, remove waste, regulate its functions and react accordingly when conditions in the body change.   The most basic of these is the nervous system, so that is where we will start.

Let’s look here at how the nervous system works.

The nervous system is a communication system between the body and the brain.  The nerves travel down the spinal column or backbone with a major nerve exiting to the right and left between each of the vertebrae.    After the nerves exit the spine they fork with one side of the fork going to the bones and muscles and the other fork going to the organs and glands.Spinal Column Diagram

  • If you adjust the spine you change the flow of communication to and from the nerve between the vertebrae which are adjusted.   This then changes the communication to and from the organs and glands as well as to and from the muscles connected to that nerve.
  • If you handle the organs and glands with nutrition, hormones or drugs you change the communication which travels via the nerve to the spinal column and can change the stress on the vertebrae.
  • You also change the communication to the associated muscles and bones at the same time and can cause changes to their operation.
  • If you change the muscles and bones by exercise, medication, or other factors you change the communication to the spine and to the connected organs and glands.
  • Actions that relive pain in a muscle can thus change the communication along the nerve and can actually act to numb the associated organs and glands.
  • Actions that strengthen or support the organs can change this communication and act to strengthen and support the muscles and bones associate.
  • Anything that interrupts or increases the flow of communication along these nerve channels can cause changes in the spine as well as any of the associated areas

The impulses which do all this communication are very tiny electrical impulses.  But how do they travel through the nerves?  These nerves are essentially body tissues that resist electrical flows.  So how does this work?  The impulses flow on a tiny current of water or spinal fluid inside the nerve.  This means that anything that either impedes this water current or strengthens it can affect the part of the body that is being communicated with.

So, drinking plenty of water can actually effect every part of the body via the flow along the nerves. Pretty remarkable, huh?

This gives us a better understanding of why the health practitioners of all fields should communicate to each other.  Whatever is done by one practitioner to any part of the body can and does effect the rest of the body.   To accurately and efficiently assist people to a more healthful state of being, we all need to communicate and work as a team.



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